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Thank you for your interest in wanting to volunteer with Canada’s best youth organization! Our organization is made up of both volunteer military volunteers AND civilian volunteers. Military or cadet experience is not required to volunteer.

We have two types of volunteers:

  • Training Staff Volunteers
  • Support Committee Volunteers

Training Staff volunteers assist in a variety of roles for the training, operations, administration, and logistical success of the unit. Support Committee volunteers looks after a number of areas including: organizing fundraising activities, coordinating canteen refreshments on parade nights, organizing food for weekend activities, assist with publicizing our amazing program, soliciting sponsorships.


  • Availability in schedule (a proper balance between work, family life, and other commitments);
  • Good moral character;
  • Dependable and responsible like qualities;
  • A completed Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC) / Police Vulnerable Sector Screening Check; and
  • Be suitable to the Cadet Corps Commanding Officer.
In addition to the requirements above, military volunteers require:
  • Approval from their unit's Commanding Officer, authorizing their volunteer work as a secondary duty.
The safety and security of our cadets and staff members is our number one priority.
Before anyone can begin volunteering (military or civilian) with our unit, a candidate must complete a Police Records Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check.


Contact the Cadet Corps Commanding Officer if you are interested in becoming a Training Staff Volunteers. If you are interested in joining the Support Committee, reach out to the Support Committee Chair. You will be provided with an application and thoroughly screened to be deemed suitable as a volunteer. If selected, you will be required to complete some free online training, to prepare you for working with our organization.


  • In consultation with the Executive Committee, determines the methods by which funds are to be raised and make the necessary detailed plans
  • Acts as a coordinator / officer of primary importance for fundraising activities
  • Coordinates the Sponsor’s participation in fundraising campaigns, as required.

Occasionally volunteer at our unit's canteen.